Laporan Audit 2008, Laporan yang penuh dengan penipuan oleh BN?

Nampaknya tiada satu pun media pro BN yang telah menyiarkan Laporan dari Jabatan Audit Negara.. Laporan yang mendedahkan begitu banyak penipuan yang berlaku dibawah pemerintahan BN..

Sebahagian dari laporan Audit yang terpaksa ditranslate kebahasa Inggeris kerana asalnya dalam bahasa cina..

Here are parts of the report..

"2008 General Inspection Department Report" Today came out, once again reveal government abuses of financial management and corruption, the most striking is that in order to 30000 HR 510 ringgit to buy a zero-column platform tool (Pole Platform), and the market price 990 ringgit a difference of up to 2981%!

Reported that human capital is located in the United States under the Ministry of processes inside a training center to zero for every 510 ringgit 30000 block of "astronomical", bought a total of 6 column platform tool.

Number of other astounding astronomical purchase, will also include the human resource department is located in Sandakan craft training center to 480 ringgit purchase price of 90 ringgit a 1GB memory pen (Thumbdrive), and the price difference of up to 433%; and the Ministry of Education 3 10000 7450 ringgit price, in order to Kelantan a secondary market value of 5885 ringgit to buy 89 trees.

In addition, the audit report also revealed many cases re-government departments, there is no payment for work performed, goods of poor quality, there is no monitoring and follow-up, there is no compliance with the contract, equipment, aside unused, project the face of huge losses, as well as The Government's near-bankruptcy fraud.

Administrative costs in 2008 nearly 1.5 billion cost overrun

Among the various abuses, the government in 2008 approved by the administrative costs amounted to 152 billion 10 million ringgit, but the actual cost has reached 153.5 billion ringgit, which means that 90 million cost overrun of 1.4 billion ringgit.

Of these, a total of nine departments of serious cost overruns, cost overruns amounted to 3.6 billion, 10 million ringgit, involving cost overruns is a service area, supply, purchase of assets, payment of arrears and so on.

Audit report points out that Congress has approved in March 2009 of this 3.6 billion allocated 10 million ringgit of cost overruns. For cost overruns nine major departments are the Ministry of Finance, Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Enterprise Development and Cooperatives, Ministry of Education, Health, Women's Development, Family and Social Affairs, Ministry of National Defense, Ministry of Internal Affairs, and Ministry of the Interior.

Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of the Interior should belong to the same department. Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi when he was in the 308 national elections conducted after the cabinet reshuffle, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Department of Homeland Security and re-integration of the Ministry of Interior.

Audit reports that nine major departments, the Ministry of Education sector is the largest cost overruns, a total of 39.24 million cost overrun of 1.2 billion ringgit.

Only four departments two bodies are "excellent"

The report also said that due to overspending in previous years, a serious problem all departments, so the total inspection department has been since 2007 and strictly assess the financial situation of various sectors.

However, according to the department inspector general's assessment, a number of departments and government agencies, only four departments and two government agencies financial situation, are "excellent." However, the report did not specify which a number of departments and agencies.

"We found that, although the Department has already admonished the total number of audit departments or government agencies, but these institutions are still not seriously improve the financial management problems."

The following is made part of the audit report revealed:

(A) human resources training centers with low technology (Institut Latihan Perindustrian)

- There is no evidence to suggest that departments have to investigate the training centers in the market price of the purchase of tools. Audit found that A throwing Bali Process Training Center at the end of four tools for the contract price is higher than the market price of 37.8 to 800%.

- Audit also found that the US-ri and Sandakan Technology Training Center purchased six tools, the contract price is adjusted than the market price higher than 18.8 to 2981.8%. They are due to lack of access to East Malaysia in 2006 the market price, and depending on the peninsula and to consider adjusting the price adjustment of 8%, respectively (Sabah) and 10% (Sarawak) for comparison.

(2) the Ministry of Education spent 37450 ringgit to serve Kelantan Bukit Jawa (2) the market value of the purchase of 89 trees in 5885 ringgit, respectively, higher than the market value of 470-880%.

(C) under the Ministry of Communications 10000 Ipoh double-track electric railway in around

- Audit found that 5.77 billion ringgit worth of around 10000 Ipoh double-track electric railway works were a number of weaknesses, including project delays lead to cost increase of 14.3 billion ringgit to buy more than the required equipment, trains uncoordinated procurement and infrastructure development.

- In addition, the Government may have to bear most of the loss of 1.14 billion ringgit, because according to the Government and the original contractor conditions between DRB-Hicom, the Government can only recover the 2.5799 billion ringgit to the contractor.

(Iv) National Infrastructure Management Company

- National infrastructure audit found that the company's financial and operational management of poor performance, and in between 2005 to 2007 to face a loss, as of December 31, 2007 the accumulated losses of 100 million ringgit was 8.3981.

- Its poor cash flow situation could lead to its inability to pay up to 7.1 billion ringgit of bonds.

(E) under the Ministry of Health of Northern roots Hospital

- Total value of 96.45 million ringgit audit found that the Northern Root poor quality hospital projects, which include some of the weaknesses in construction and equipment not yet been completed on a completion certificate, the cost of delay in completion result rose 59 million ringgit, as well as equipment has not been fully utilized.

- Audit also found that many of leakage, exposed wiring, mold, ceiling holes, the ground water and other issues.

Download detail report here

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Komen anda tanggungjawab anda...dan sebarang komen yang tidak relevan dengan tajuk akan didelete...

Atas permintaan komen-komen yang menggunakan nama orang lain juga akan di delete.. harap maklum!!

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