Siapa Dato Ramly Yusoff yang dibebaskan ini?

Masih ramai yang keliru dengan pembebasan Datuk Ramly Yusoff.

Baca, dan anda akan faham. Beliau adalah antara beberapa kerat anggota polis berjawatan tinggi yang berani menentang arus. Beliaulah orang yang telah menghalang Rahim Bapak Anjing daripada terus membelasah DSAI ketika ditutup mata.

Datuk Ramly telah mendedahkan penyelewengan peringkat tertinggi dalam PDRM yang terlibat melindungi sindiket penjenayah. Itu dosa beliau dan beberapa anggota bawahan beliau yang turut diseret atas dakwaan 'ala-saifool' - cipta dakwaan baru reka bukti dakwaan.... Beliau ibarat DSAI di dalam PDRM.

Disebabkan keberanian beliau menentang arus, pelbagai dakwaan dikenakan ke atas beliau dan kakitangannya, bagi membolehkan Musa Hasan yang lebih junior 'melangkah kepala' Datuk Ramly menerajui PDRM. Kita telah kehilangan seorang yang berwibawa, yang sepatutnya telah menjadi Ketua Polis Negara (dan yang sepatutnya) telah berusaha membersihkan imej PDRM yang telah sekian lama tercemar.

Kepada SPRM, tak perlulah membuat rayuan kalau sekadar untuk membazirkan lebih banyak wang rakyat untuk perbicaraan-perbicaraan yang tidak perlu.

Datuk Ramly, marilah bersama PR. Walaupun jawatan KPN telah dinafikan kepada Datuk, jawatan Menteri Dalam Negeri bukanlah sesuatu yang mustahil buat Datuk sekiranya PR mengambil-alih Putrajaya. Wallahu'alam.- Marhaen

It is the spirit and not the form of law that keeps justice alive – (Earl Warren)

I was in the KL Sessions Court No. 1 today to lend support to Dato’ RamIi Yusuff. Although, in my previous court attendances at Dato’ Ramli’s trial I have seen the good and fair temperament of Judge Gunalan, I was afraid that things may just go wrong at the last minute. I was pleasantly mistaken as I listened to the eloquent Judge. His judgment was precise, logical and unequivocal.

That was why I said in yesterday’s piece that my heart would bleed for Dato’ Ramli if justice was assassinated by the court. That would have been the greatest betrayal, the same betrayal when Caesar fell to the last stab by Brutus and uttered – “ Et tu Brute?”

The court room was jam packed with Dato’ Ramli’s family, friends, wellwishers, reporters and lawyers who wanted to know what will happen to this policeman who had been so vilified and made to look like a crook. I saw many familiar faces, those who had stood by him in throughout this episode.

As I write this piece, I note that the on-line newspapers and blogs have already reported their versions of Judge Gunalan’s brave decision to acquit Dato’ Ramli. Judge Gunalan has again proven that it is the non-Malay members of the bench, that is restoring the integrity and credibility of the Judiciary. Sadly, not much of the same can be said of the Malay members of the bench with the exception of a few like Judge Dato’ Hishamudin.

This time, I will not provide another analysis of Judge’s Gunalan’s judgment. It is sufficient that Malaysians know that Judge Gunalan did not betray justice, he upheld and delivered it!

The moment the good Judge Gunalan pronounced that he was acquitting Dato’ Ramli without calling for his defence, the gallery clapped ever so loudly. Even the three court orderlies (policemen guarding the courts) clapped. The Judge pleasantly smiled his approval before closing the court session and retiring to his chambers.

Dato’ Ramli wept openly. He hugged Dato’ Shafee Abdullah and his other counsel. He hugged his sisters and and his father. It was a very poignant scene in court, one that would make heart weep, and many did. Dato’ Ramli’s old friend and bailor, Dato’ Roger Tan, who arrived late remarked that Ramli should be given a medal for being so filial to his parents and family in taking care of their financial affairs by setting up the company Bonus Circle for his family’s welfare.

While he had no interest nor benefit in that company, he had incurred liability to do an Islamic estate planning for his family. Similarly, his loyal friend, lawyer Rajendran remarked that it is sad that a professional, capable and financially savvy bumiputera is brought down in a most Machiavellian way.

I saw the court staff crowding Dato’ Ramli to wish him. I saw policemen and the public hugging him, some of them I believe are strangers. All these that I see with my own eyes and hear with my own ears, show the affection that Dato’ Ramli enjoys.

When the crowd had subsided, I approached Dato’ Ramli to ask about his feelings. His eyes were red, he was still sobbing. His phone was flooded with calls. I saw the popularity of this man.

What an irony that IGP Musa Hassan, the son of an Ustaz, is much despised, whereas this man is so popular. I thought to myself, is the government so blind not to see that this man has what it takes to change the image of the much battered Police Force? There would be no need to hire PR firms to change PDRM’s image. Just bring this man back and allow him to do real police work, unlike the politicking which is what Musa Hassan seems to be only good at.

Crime has soared to an all time high with Musa Hassan as IGP. What KPI had Musa Hassan achieved to deserve any extension of his service? Pak Lah must have been sleeping to give him a two year contract. Najib only fuelled more suspicion by extending it for another year.

When I finally managed to speak to Dato’ Ramli, I was surprised to see that he was contemplative instead of joyous. He said that it is still not over. His Sabah acquittal is being appealed against and is coming on for hearing next week, on March 18. He expressed concern that the A-G would also appeal against today’s acquittal. Reading from the latest reports, it appears that the overweight Razak Musa has already announced there would be an appeal.

Once again, A-G Gani has brought disgrace to his office. Why no prosecution against the Al-Islam reporters for desecrating a Holy Communion rites? Why no appeal against Razak Baginda’s acquittal in the Altantuya murder case? Why this appeal against Dato’ Ramli?

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Atas permintaan komen-komen yang menggunakan nama orang lain juga akan di delete.. harap maklum!!

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