Dana Pilihanraya UMNO datang dari 'Sports TOTO'?

Artikel ini telah diterima melalui e-mail dari seorang sahabat,penulisnya mungkin terdiri dari seorang bukan Islam kerana orang Islam adalah diharamkan dari membeli nombor ekor atau 4D.

Penulis juga telah melahirkan rasa curiga tentang beberapa ‘Special Draw’ yang sering diadakan oleh Sports Toto dan beiau juga menggesa semua kaki nombor agar memboikot perjudian yang dijalankan oleh Berjaya Sports Toto itu hingga Suruhanjaya Bebas ditubuhkan bagi menyiasat aktiviti Berjaya Sports Toto itu.

Kecurigaan beliau bermula dengan kemenangan oleh seseorang yang tidak tahu siapa gerangannya kerana ianya tidak pernah diumumkan dalam cabutan Toto Mega 6/52 yang jumlahnya bernilai RM20 Juta.

Begitu juga dengan jumlah yang terkumpul sehingga RM17 Juta dalam cabutan yang seterusnya telah dimenangi oleh seseorang yang tidak diumumkan siapakah gerangannya dan dalam masa yang sama hadiah untuk cabutan Super 6/49 yang bernilai RM13 Juta juga telah dimenangi oleh gerangan yang tidak diketahui siapa.

Penulis telah menyatakan seseorang telah memberitahunya bahawa ‘special draws ‘ yang diadakan pada hari Selasa adalah untuk dana UMNO.

Mungkin ada juga kebenarannya disitu, kerana jika dilihat semula beberapa ketika sebelum Pilihanraya Umum diumumkan kesemua 3 bentuk perjudian iaitu Magnum 4D,1+3D and TOTO telah mengadakan ‘Special Draw’ setiap minggu hingga pilihanraya tiba. Bila pilihanraya berakhir ‘Special Draw’ itu telah dihentikan.

Begitu juga sebelum PRK Permatang Pauh, ‘Special Draw’ itu telah diadakan semula. Jadi kaki-kaki nombor telah membiayai jentera pilihanraya UMNO.

Malahan Hee Yit Foong ADUN dari DAP yang telah bersama DAP selam 20 tahun melompat kerana wang, beliau dikatakan telah menerima RM15 Juta dari Vincebt Tan dari Berjaya.

Dia juga dikatakan akan menerima lagi RM10 Juta setelah segalanya selesai.

Hee dikatakan memerlukan wang bagi menjelaskan hutang piutang suaminya.

Sports Toto Cheating
Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2011 19:18:02 -0800

Dear all,
Re: SportsToto & Hee .....must read!!! If u r a Sports Toto enthusiast, time to seriously think about the following articles

Not too long ago the Toto Mega 6/52 RM20 million prize was won by someone - But we never know whom...The accumulated RM17 million which is the prize money carried forward to the next draw too was won by someone the following draw - But we never know whom . During the same the first prize money for Super 6/49 was RM13 million and that too was won by someone-But we never know whom.

All 3 top prizes, totaling RM50 million were won one after another. What are the odds of that happening? How often can this happen?

And we never knew who is the winner.

Chances to strike: 6/42 -1:5,24,5,7,8,6 combinations 6/49 - 1: 13,9,8,3,8,16 combinations 6/52 - 1: 20,3,5,8,6,26 combinations. All prizes paid out must be certified by the Minister of finance, and who is our minister of finance?

Someone told me that takings from the special draws (Tuesday) are for UMNO funds.I think there is some truth in it. Just before the general elections, all 3 games, Magnum 4D,1+3D and TOTO had special draws every week right up to the Election. After the Elections, the special draws stopped.

Then just before the Permatang Pauh by-elections, the special draws started again. So the punters are funding UMNO's election campaigns.

Even Hee, the State Assembly woman who had been with DAP for 20 years, crossed over for money. She has thus far received RM15 million from Vincent Tan of Berjaya fame.

She will probably be paid another RM10 million once the dust settles.It seems she needed the money to bail out her husband who was heavily in debt.

This was the same situation with Lee Lam Thye who was forced to leave DAP so that he could bail out his wife from her gambling debts.

Barisan Nasional, of course, helped settle all his wife's doubt, once he 'abandoned his cause' and turned pro-establishment.

This is NEWS indeed, if true. Just how would Vincent Tan explain to the tax authorities his payment to Hee? In the past 6-8 weeks 4-5 large hits happened. If I am not wrong 4 came from the 6/52 and 1 from 6/42 in Sports Toto.

We know that the game is computerized and it would be easy for manipulations to take place during the draw.If it did, the punters are the ones who paid Hee, not Vincent Tan. Thus the PUNTERS are the ones who got cheated.

Just how many more of these will be used to pay grasshoppers UMNO/BN's NEEDS?

If I am not wrong (can some statistician) please confirm this:

The odds for 6/52 is in the region of 1:20 million plus and 6/49 1:4 million plus. For 4-5 large hits to happen over a short span is quite unusual.

Should my suspicions prove true then the punters are all victims of Berjaya Sports Toto. Cheated. I have for some time been suspicious of Sports Toto as their real time draw could never be accessed on-line.

All punters should now boycott playing until some independent body investigate thoroughly the activities of B.Sports Toto


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