Kes liwat: Anwar BEBAS, tidak bersalah

KUALA LUMPUR - Ketua Pembangkang, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim bebas daripada tuduhan meliwat bekas pembantu peribadinya, Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan di sebuah kondominium, empat tahun lalu.

Mahkamah memutuskan demikian selepas mendapati wujudnya elemen tiada integriti dalam sampel DNA.- BERITA LANJUT AKAN MENYUSUL

Sodomy II: Anwar not guilty

KUALA LUMPUR: High Court judge Justice Mohamad Zabidin Mohd Diah will deliver his verdict Monday on whether Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim sodomised his former aide Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan, then 23, three years ago.

These are the live updates from the The Star team at the scene at the KL Court Complex at Jalan Duta and the trial:

9.40am: PKR Youth wing members and other supporters waiting for Anwar to emerge from the court house, and are most likely going to escort him to Masjid Wilayah.

Other supporters assemble and sit in front of the complex main gate to cheer and celebrate Anwar's acquittal.

The scene at the main gate

9.30am: Judge Mohamad Zabidin Mohd Diah - "After going through the evidence, the court could not be 100% certain that integrity of DNA samples was not compromised, and finds that it is not safe to rely on DNA evidence.

"As such, court is left only with Saiful's testimony. As this is a sexual crime, the court is reluctant to convict based entirely on Saiful's testimony, which is uncorroborated. The accused is thus acquitted and discharged."

Anwar says he is surprised and vindicated: "We have an agenda. Will focus on elections."

Anwar arrives at the Jalan Duta courts

Supporters in court clap for him.

Crowd outside begins heading towards Masjid Wilayah, where Anwar will meet them.

A man dressed as Justice Bao arrives at the Jalan Duta court complex

9.25am: High Court acquits and discharges Anwar of sodomy charge. He hugs his family, Wan Azizah is in tears. Lawyers shake hands. Crowd outside breaks into cheers and chants as the court decision is known.

9.20am: Court proceedings are starting. Anwar now puts on a coat.

9.10am: Crowd situation outside court complex under control, situation is calm. People settle down as a few lower-rung Pakatan leaders start giving ceramahs in support of Anwar.

8.55am: PAS president Datuk Seri Hadi Awang has just entered the court grounds, sparking another media melee outside. The situation however is under control as members of the party's Unit Amal had paved the way earlier.

8.50am: Anwar, dressed in a blue long-sleeved shirt and black slacks, is in the courtroom. His wife Wan Azizah is dressed in a floral baju kurung. Anwar goes around shaking hands with lawyers.

8.45am: The prosecution team has entered the court.

Anwar, swarmed by the press, is smiling and appears to be in a good mood. He's inside the court complex now going up the lobby.

8.30am: Anwar has arrived at the court complex. The crowd breaks out into frenzied cheering and chants of "Reformasi".

Anwar's bodyguards in a slight scuffle with media as they try to wedge their way past cameramen and photographers scrambling to get shots of Anwar.

Commotion at the main gate as people get worked up. Police have closed the gate and opened a small door on the gate to let Anwar through.

Reporters allowed into courtroom, which is packed.

S'gor MB Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim also arrives with aides, heads upstairs to court room.

According to a police source, the crowd has swelled to about 10,000. About 100 policemen deployed at the gate.

8.10am: Karpal Singh, Azmin Ali arrive, sending crowd into frenzy of chants and cheers.

Court staff, lawyers and clients told to use back entrance to get into court.

Anwar left his residence at 8am with his family, including wife and daughters, in a convoy of eight cars. When met at his residence, Anwar looked calm and cheerful. "I'm praying for the best. My predictions on the outcome is based on the law and facts. I've been informed that there is a large crowd all ready, but peaceful. I don't believe they should be provoked. All the best," he said.

Earlier, a little girl was seen walking into the crowd wearing a head band with the words "Hidup Anwar" and wearing a mask. Student activist Adam Adli also seen in the crowd.

8am: A team of medics from the Health Ministry seen on fifth floor of the building, with a wheelchair.

An unidentified man is leading the crowd in reciting a doa and ending with takbir.

Earlier, a rally participant dressed as Justice Bao joined the fray, as sporadic chanting broke out all over the rally grounds. The crowd has swelled.

7.50am: Police are thoroughly checking the bags of those coming into the court complex. They are also being very polite.

Traffic entering the Jalan Duta court

PKR's Subang MP R. Sivarasa, Datuk S. Ambiga, A. Samad Said and Maria Chin Abdullah have arrived at the building.

Tian Chua tells the crowd that Anwar is expected to arrive at 8.30am. "We will wait here until verdict is delivered," he says.

A rally participant at the jalan Duta Court Complex.

7:45am PKR VP Tian Chua is addressing the crowd at the car park using a hailer.

7.30am: Traffic along Jalan Khidmat Usaha (main road to Court Complex at a crawl as motorist start going to work.

There are a few thousand people outside the court house. Court proceedings expected to start at 9.30am.

Although police have disallowed placards with the words "Bebaskan Anwar" (Free Anwar), some of them were still seen carrying them at the car park.

7.25am: The crowd has grown to a few thousand. Rally participants have started chanting "Reformasi!" and other pro-Pakatan Rakyat slogans while holding up placards and wearing masks bearing Anwar's visage.

7.15am: Traffic flow is smooth near the Jalan Duta court complex. No road bloacks. Police managing flow of traffic and people at intersection turning into the court complex.

7.00am: Rally participants continue streaming into the car park rally venue from Masjid Wilayah across the road. People carrying placards allowed into the court complex. Police tell them only placards saying "Bebas Anwar" (Free Anwar) not allowed.

6.45am: There was no roadblocks on the any of the roads to the High Court complex here early Monday morning.

Police blocked the road turning into the High Court but never restricted anyone from gathering outside along the road side and curb.

There was barely any police presence except a few personnel manning the blockade. Crowds began trickling to the complex area at 12.20am after attending the previous night's 901 Anwar speeches in Kg Baru and Kg Pandan.

Throughout the night, every hour or so, police helicopters were seen patrolling the night skies above the city.

At 4.30am members of various media began arriving. Heavy drizzle began and those already present sought shelter at the food court nearby.

At 5am the rain became heavier. At 5.15am several buses and dozens of vans ferrying policemen were seen entering the court complex.

Until about 6am, the gates to Martrade where many expected to park their vehicles remained closed. Instead, cars were parked on both sides of the road despite police cones placed along the whole stretch.

At 6.05am, the crowd was finally allowed to enter the car park area outside the court complex.


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  2. Syukur alhamdulillah. Suara rakyat suara keramat....

  3. Alhamdulillah.. kebenaran akan terpancar juga...

    mari kita dengar rakab anjing menyalak... hehehe

  4. Alhamdullilah.. syukur ke hadrat ALLAH. Tapi perjuangan tetap diteruskan, kita jangan alpa dan lalai. Mungkin ada agenda lain oleh BN disebalik kemenangan ini.

  5. Alhamdulillah syukur ke hadrat Allah yg maha pengasih. Reformasi

  6. Rileks dulu..jgn cepat sgt happy... Anwar Ibrahim di bicarakan dan dibebaskan dari pertuduhan dibawah sistem undang2 Malaysia. Lepas ni pihak pendakwaan akan membawa kes ini utk tujuan semakkan semula keputusan hakim ke mahkamah yg lebih tinggi. Mungkin di situ nanti keputusan hari ni akan berubah jadi sebaliknya.

    Ingat...mcmna keputusan mahkamah tinggi Ipoh sewaktu kes rampasan kuasa di Perak dulu. Bila disemak semula keputusan mahkamah tinggi tersebut di mahkamah persekutuan...keputusan jadi lain & amat mengecewakan.

  7. macam dah banyak orang cakap dari mula2 lagi....kes ni tak sepatutnya pun sampai ketahap ini pun...dari mula dah meragukan, tak masuk akal tapi oleh kerana pemimpin umporno punya mahu...sampai juga ketahap ini. Buat parabis duit rakyat saja utk menangung kos perbicaraan.
    Walau bagaimanapun alhamdullilah syukur, kerana allah swt tetap memebri petunjuk dan kewarasan berfikir kepada hakim tersebut.

  8. Alhamdulillah syukurrrr pada Allah & tahniah para Peguam.
    Langkah seterusnya "Adik, Kakak, Abang,Pak Long, Pak Ngah, Mak Long Mak Ngah,bersatu kita jatuhkan BN (ABU)dlm PR13".

  9. wahhh...bkn main heppy lg geng2 peliwat..oooo..kalo la si mangkuk tu berslh maka hbs di canang satu dunia kate mhkmh x adil la..agen umno skrng terbukti mhkmh telus..polis pon bg monyet2 pr ni berhimpun..

  10. Perbicaraan khazaf patut diadakan oleh mahkamah terhadap saifool dan siapa saja yang membuat tuduhan palsu.

    Pada firasat aku Najibmah sendiri yang letak sampel DNA Anwar ke jub** Saifool atas nasihat mentornya Mahdet Kutty.

  11. to anon10.00...

    bukti tak sahih sebab tu hakim kuar keputusan cam tu.kalo org tak salah tapi tuduh salah esok mati dia yang nak kena jawab.akal ada ke.fikir la broo....

  12. sabo sabo jgn hepi sgt dulu...puak2 umporno ni takleh kira...semua dh rancang rapi....

  13. Allahu Akbar. manusia merancang bermacam macam tapi Allah yang menentukan kebenarannya.

  14. Tugas dah selesai...Kena fokus pada kerja2 seperti biasa..terutama PRU 13...

  15. ASD hang baguih. Orang lain belum lagi keluak berita ini hang dah keluak. Tepat pulak tu. Tetang Rakab dan geng sb2 depa tunggu masa saja. Kalau kita tak dapat depa Allah dah janji pada jenis jenis yang suka fitnah ni.

  16. satu lagi bukti umno/BN perabis duit rakyat. kes ni tak sepatutnya sampai ketahap ni. Banyak duit rakyat dah habis. bodoh punya umno.

  17. Alhamdulillah...kebenaran terbukti jua. Sesungguhnya Allah itu Maha Berkuasa dan Maha Mendengar...apatah lagi doa dari mereka2 yg teraniaya.
    Allahuakbar! Allahuakbar! Allahuakbar!

  18. mlm ni aku terbang dua tiga ratus......dah janji ngan kekawan bangsa india yg cakap dsai akan bebas.....aku mati2 cakap dsai akan kena........last2 aku cakap klu korang betoi aku janji belanja makan!

    so mlm ni.....janji kena tunai.....hilang beratus.......tak kisah lah.........


  19. Habislah...hakim ini akan masuk peti sejuk krn x ikut arahan Najis!

  20. maknanya segala keyakinan kita selama ini adalah berasas dan dilandasan betul!


  21. pakar DNA malaysia penipu..
    mana perempuan pakar DNA?
    Ketuk pintu neraka?
    Mana zul biawak kaki putar belit/kaki fitnah?
    Mana pelakon paling idiot terbaik 2012 -saifool pukimak?
    menipu, membohong, mendusta..ini kerja2 syaitan...
    jadi 3 ekor di atas yg disebut memang syaitan...
    kenali syaitan anda...

  22. bertahun2 isu ini tertanggong atas bahu dsai dan keluarga....dan kita2 yg bersimpati dgn dia!

    seolah2 tak mampu percaya dgn berita yg kita sedang dengar sekarang.


  23. so geng2 peliwat semua...mhkamah malaysia adil ke x..oo..kalo memihak pd pr adil la kan.kalo xmemihak pd pr mcm2 korng ckp kt jgk dgn polis..mmg pembngkng kt mlysia ni jgn risau wahai pentaksub nuar semua..ade 2 lg mhkmh iaitu mhkmh rayuan n persekutuan..hdp saiful bukhari.

  24. Apa lah tajuk utusan esok, maybe

  25. Mahkamah rayuan?
    Mahkamah persekutuan?
    DNA dah kantoi...
    hidup saifool penipu..
    hidup saifool pukimak..
    hidup rakab haramjadah...
    ada botol plastik sangkut kat juboq lagi ke?
    lawak...lebih lawak dari maharaja lawak..

  26. terselah mubaligh penipu datuk zul biawak@cibai..
    hang nak pi mana haramjadah ooi?

  27. Terbaik penyokong PR...
    tak ada huru hara pun....
    kenapa tak ada huru hara?
    provokasi tidak dimainkan oleh polis sial...

  28. terbukti mhkmh malaysia adil n telus kalo keputusn memihak pd pr..tetapi tdk telus kalo seblknya..haha

  29. Saifool terkejut...mungkin tak terberak selama 10 hari....haaa ambik kau

  30. mahkamah malaysia masih jauh dari telus. What we saw today is delayed justice. Kes saifool haprak ni tak sepatutnya sampai ke tahap ni pun. Usaha perlu di lipat gandakan untuk pastikan umno jatuh..barulah mahkamah malaysia dapat dipulihkan.

  31. dahi hitam penipu...
    mendusta Allah ketika umrah..
    tercirit-birit la dia...

  32. istimewa kepada yg bersyukur dan yg pergi berkumpul utk nuar tp taknak pergi Perhimpunan sejuta umat ISLAM

    korang tau mana perginya OMEGA ?
    a) adakah dalam telur omega3
    b) korang yang simpan

    hahahaha jawap

  33. tunggu. jgn hepi sgt. Perancangan mereka masih berjalan. trust me.

  34. ya..ya.. aku dah jumpa jam omega tu...
    dalam burit mak hang..

  35. buat pencacai umno udahlah jgnlah nak buat andaian awak sendiri ukur baju di badan sendiri njgnlah melalak macam anjing kelaparan daging lembu dah mahal nanti bagi makan daging babi biar keturunan kamu sial sampai keliang lahat . betapa bodhnya kamu menjadi melayu bangsat penjilat kepada kepala tahi umnogok

  36. lawak la ko ni anon January 9, 2012 11:31 AM...

    "What we saw today is delayed justice"

    oi pak lawak...sape lg yg delayed2 kalo bukan pak sheikh al juburi..kapal skt kepale la...anak kapal msk sepitalla..nk tukar hakim la..tkt nk bicara la...tkt mak marh la..mcm2 alasan penangguhan smpi 2thn lbh..

    mhkmh dh bebskn al jub pon msh kate mhkmh x telus..oi babun..ko buat neg sndri.adakh pr perlu mng sume kes mhkmh brlah mhkmh dikira adil???...mmg otak org2 pr ni sme kene liwat..haha

  37. Geng ... jangan terlalu gembira. Ni cuma gula-gula je. Lepas ni pihak Pendakwa akan membuat rayuan ke Mahkamah Rayuan, dan keputusan nanti akan berubah ... "mahkamah mendapati terdapat kekhilafan dlm keputusan mahkamah tinggi dln kes ini, dan mahkamah ini mendapati terdapat kes yg boleh disabitkan" bla ... bla ... bla ...

  38. kebodohan Anon 11:37 terserlah...

    HIMPUN tu ntok Islam ke, or ntok MELAYU? banner pn berbau perkauman. kalu ntok Islam, penuh2kanla masjid, rumah Allah. (ko smayang ckop tak?)

    jam OMEGA? itu yg ko nak wat jd teras dlm argument ko? FAIL dohh..

    n Alhamdulillah, DSAI bebas. aku mmg xheran kalu kputusan DSAI bersalah. sbb bg aku, Hakim, Mahkamah, PDRM, etc, dah takde integriti. jd kputusan pg td, bg aku, mmg wat aku flabbergasted, but at the same time i'm glad he's innocent n free. (tp aku xheran, lpas ni ade lak kontroversi yg BNatang timbulkan ntok DSAI, for sure)

  39. Budak upahan Perkasa kena halau & poster d rampas. Maluuuuuuu woo..

  40. hahaha penyokong nuar mmg tak mampu kawal emosi hehehe memang sesuai kamu jadi penyokong nuar

    penyokong nuar sampai hilang kewarasan hahah sungguh kasihan

    HIMPUN utk umat ISLAM dikatakan perkauman hahaha pelik dan ajaib punya penyokong nuar nih......nuar ooo nuar hebatnya kamu nuar

    aloooo penyokong nuar cepat jwp dimanakah omega tu adakah di telor ayam atau penyokong nuar yang simpan?

  41. anon 11.57am

    ko tnya org semayang cukup ker tidak yer

    ni aku nk tanya ko

    ko naip kat sni ni dah minta izin abg nuar ker belum


  42. Dah2 lah tu .....syukur alhamdulilah sekurang2 nya tak ada kekecohan , polis pun berkerjasama macam gitu lah yg kita nak ....tak ada provokasi ..... Nampak semuanya ok...Si Saipol tu , DSAI maaf kan je ,suroh dia tobat byk2 .....Tumpu lah kpd pilihraya yg adil dan saksama ....barulah tak ada kutok mengutok ....

  43. Setiap satu yang berlaku itu pasti ada hikmah yang tersembunyi.

    Walaupun keterangan Saiful kukuh tapi tidak dapat disokong oleh bukti DNA..kerana hakim meragui bekas simpanan air mani Anwar.

    Tapi tidak bermakna Anwar tak meliwat !!

  44. Wahai kambing-kambing PKR sekalian,
    Anwar tak dapat disabitkan kerana
    BEKAS SIMPANAN yang diragui sahaja..bukan kerana tidak meliwat !! Fahamkan betul-betul..!!

  45. kapal pon kate nuar meliwat suke sm suke...ape la bdk2 pr ni..
    cume dlm kes ni hakim ragu2 utk sabitkn nuar sbb dna nuar yg diambl dr botol plastk,tuala blh diragui...
    ni pon sbb nuar enggan bg dna die..

    tp perbuatan liwat ttp berlaku sbb adenye dna nuar dlm rektum sepol n kalo kes ni ke mhkmh rayuan or persekutuan...mhkmh akn kuarkn perintah utk nuar bg dna...

    time tu br nuar tau langit tinggi or rendah..hahaha..

  46. rakab

    dh diorg ni ko kata kambin2 pkr dah tentu la tak phm punya sebab kambin2 pkr ni tau ngembek auuuwwwww auuuwwww jer

  47. pr is dead.....apa kau kata, air mani kau dalam dubur saifool?? kenapa kau ni tiba2 jadi peliwat bro..dah kurang ke perempuan? tapi ta pe lah kan senang aje bagi spesis munafiq macam kau ni... pergi buat sumpah laknat...settle lah!!!

  48. kambing pkr????
    kau orang ni lembu sarkis ke?? pandai pula lembu mengkambingkan manusia!!
    Hello lembu umno...pi lah duduk diam2 dalam kondo mami ijat kau tu. menyebok kat sini buat ape?

  49. Syukur alhamdulillah...
    kalau mengikut ajaran islam pun kita tak boleh mengaibkan atau membuka aib seseorang. lebih lagi dalam kes sebegini.Islam itu mudah tapi kita tak boleh ambil mudah... maksudnya Islam itu mudah untuk dilaksanakan ajarannya tapi kita x boleh memudahkannya tanpa mengikut apa lunas2 ajaran Islam...

  50. ak kesian ngan penyokong anwar....
    ape la sumbangan dia kat korg??
    dia sembang je lebih......
    dia hasut student pasal AUKU padahal ade je video dia waktu dlm BN dlu kate 'auku tidak seharusnya berubah'...
    dia nie mmg nak kuasa je
    wat org melayu, jgn la buta n bodoh sgt

  51. dimana kah omega wahai kambin2 pkr weiiii

    jgn putar belit lah

  52. aku dah jawab tadi....
    jam omega tu dalam puki mak hang rakab ooi...

  53. hahaha ko nak main puki2 kat sini yer anon 2.53pm

    mak ko mmg tak ajar budi bahasa sopan santun ker

    kesian mak ko yer
    patutnyer dia ajar ko beradab bukannya biadap
    mak ko agaknya tak tau ajar ko yer anon 2.53pm

    iskh iskh iskh kasihan dgn ko yer inilah hasil didikan mak kamu yer wahai anon 2.53pm

    apalah yg mak ko bagi makan yer wahai anon 2.53pm yg tak ada adab

    aku rasa kasihan dgn ko dan mak ko


    ko bawa la mak ko jumpa dr Hassan Ali sebab diakan motivator mungkin mak ko boleh berubah dan didik ko supaya jadi manusia beradap

    dan aku akan bayarkan sumer ongkosnya sebab ko belum ada adab takut nnt ko nak yg free ajar bila disuruh ko bayar hehehe

    kasihan anon 2.53pm

  54. tapi ada kemungkinan anon 2.53pm anak LUar kot tu yg x der tatasusila tu

    hmmmmm klu camtu......kesian

  55. anon 2:53pm tu belajar dari papagomo..cifu segala mencarut....anjing kurap umno.

  56. ooo yer ker kasihan

  57. anon 2:53 tu ialah rakab..

  58. buat Anjing eh, Anon 12:09,

    Slogan yang dibenarkan oleh pihak Sekretariat adalah seperti berikut :
    d. Melayu Sepakat Islam Berdaulat
    e. Hidup Melayu Hidup Islam

    ape taik beb? HIMPUN xdpt sambutan, ko jgn mnyalak lah beb. smayang ko ckop ke beb?

    nak argue psl kputusan Anwar BEBAS, then kate mahkamah xadil, disuap, etc? ko bleh jamin ke integriti dna tu, beb?

    kalu stail UMPORNO BNatang "letak" bukti gitu, aku pn bleh wat, aku amek air liur ko, jd bukti dna, sumbat dlm mulut bawah si Amalina. then kate ko suke jilat2. cun tak?

    hak.. tuih...

    sori tuan tanah ASD, ni bahase aku bile bdebat dgn anjing simpanan UMPORNO BNatang yg xfaham bahase.

    Sekian, Kesian.

  59. jam Omega?

    kat petaling street blambak. psal? nak wat bukti Anwar zina?

    kalu btol dlm vid tu Anwar, so, si EsGay tu, bapak ayam la, kan? supplier chinadoll, import melalui Thailand.

    n kalu btol dlm vid tu Anwar, tu dosa dia. wat ape nak sebar2? dosa sebarkan Anwar (mungkin) tu, lagi trok.

  60. Dah lah cukup lah fitnah menfitnah ini....hentikan lah ....move forward kita adakan PRu13 Dgn adil dan saksama ,,,,,,,

  61. Anwar tak bersalah kerana meliwat, bkn sebab dia tak meliwat.

  62. anon 6 jan 6.09pm

    kasihan mak ko memang tak ajar budi bahasa yer mungkin ko ni anak luar nikah atau anak haram

    aku simpati dgn kamu nk aku ajar budi bahasa ker hehehe

    mak ko dulu ajar ko makan pakai kaki ker wahai anon 9 jan 6.09pm .....isk isk kasihan yer

    mak ko dulu bagi ko makan lidah anjing ker wahai anon 9 jan 6.09pm

    kesian kat kamu yer anon 9 jan 6.09pm


  63. bagus anon 9 jan 6.15pm jwp dimana omega

    rupa2nya ada kat p street yer....hemmmm

    dolu2 ada yg kata kat jijah hemmmm buktikan lahhhh deiiiii

  64. sekadar utk bacaan penyokong pakatan harami

    ada yang menegaskan bahawa pembuktian yang dikemukakan sekadar membuktikan kegiatan liwat atas dasar suka sama suka antara Anwar dengan Saiful, tetapi tidak ada unsur paksaan atau tanpa kerelaan! Pendek cerita, tidak ada bukti Anwar ‘merogol’ Saiful!

    Ini sinonim dengan keputusan Mahkamah Persekutuan tahun 2004 semasa membebaskan Anwar daripada pertuduhan meliwat pemandunya Azizan Abu Bakar, bila Mahkamah Persekutuan menyatakan bahawa “walaupun kami mempercayai berlaku kegiatan liwat ini, namun bukti mengikut kehendak Akta Keterangan tidak cukup untuk mensabitkan Anwar dengan kesalahan jenayah meliwat dibawah Seksyen 377B Kanun Kesiksaan!”.


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Atas permintaan komen-komen yang menggunakan nama orang lain juga akan di delete.. harap maklum!!

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