Hanya kerana RM1,000 mereka beralih sokongan...

Mudahnya mereka mengalih sokongan.. kerana RM5,000 seseorang sanggup mengkhianati teman-teman seperjuangan.. kerana RM1,000 sahaja sokongan beralih arah..

Penyokong PAS di Kuala Selangor dibeli dengan wang tunai sehingga RM1,000 dan diminta bersumpah akan atau telah menyokong BN dalam pilihan raya umum 5 Mei lalu, dakwa calon kawasan itu Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad.

Dakwanya, perkara itu banyak berlaku di Jeram dalam tempoh 24 jam terakhir waktu berkempen.

"Orang Melayu takut bersumpah. Sangat takut. Jika kamu bersumpah dengan nama Allah tetapi tidak lakukannya, kami akan mati," katanya ketika diwawancara Malaysiakini pada Khamis lalu.

Lagi apa yang dilaporkan oleh Malaysiakini..

Dzulkefly said he sensed that something was amiss when the villagers, even the youth, refused to see him. "I had a lot of programmes with them (the constituents), and all these village chiefs would say, ‘Don't worry, these youths are your supporters.

"On the last day of the election campaign, they didn't want to see my face. They were in hiding already and were ashamed to see us.

"That was when I knew that something disastrous is going to befall us, and true enough (it did)," Dzulkefly said.

Since then, he added, about 10 of those who received the cash bribes from agents of the BN felt guilty and came forward to tell him what had taken place.

Although he wanted to include this key argument in his election petition, it was not done because the people who confessed to him asked for protection from physical harm, which PAS could not provide.

Dzulkefly said his lawyers also felt that an election petition would not succeed on grounds of corrupt practice, so it focused on taking the Election Commission (EC) to task instead on alleged discrepancies in the "Borang 14".

Borang 14 is the record of the final, official counts of votes in each polling stream of a constituency.

Dzulkefly, a PAS moderate and a director of its research centre, also said he suffered character assassination while campaigning, right from the start of the election campaign period.

"All my strengths have become my weaknesses. I am someone in PAS who is seen as a progressive, a moderate. All those were turned against me.

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Masa ambil duit tak langsung rasa bersalah.. bila duit dah habis tahu pulak rasa bersalah..

Tapi... sekurang-kurangnya ada juga rasa bersalah dalam hati mereka.. tak serupa yang dituduh ambil RM5,000 tu.. pasal RM5,000 tu sila baca di SINI
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