MH370 : Panda yang punya kandang berharga 60 Juta turut menjadi mangsa..

Alasan yang diberikan oleh Menteri dari BN mengenai penangguhan penghantaran beruang Panda ke Malaysia ialah kononnya kerajaan China menunda penghantaran dua beruang itu, Fu Wa (jantan) dan Feng Yi (betina) kerana kesibukannya menangani usaha mencari pesawat Malaysia Airlines MH370, yang penerbangannya dipercayai berakhir di selatan Lautan Hindi.

Alasan tersebut jelas satu percubaan untuk memperbodohkan rakyat dan hanya macai yang percaya bulat-bulat kerana apa yang perlu kita ketahui ialah negara China tidak menghantar seluruh bala tentera dan kakitangan kerajaannya untuk mencari MH370 itu.

Yang dihantar hanyalah beberapa buah kapal dan kapal terbang bagi membantu gerakan mencari itu.. oleh itu kesibukan mencari tersebut bukanlah melibatkan seluruh jentera kerajaan negara China.

Bagaimanapun The New York Times dalam satu laporannya telah mendedahkan sebab sebenar dua ekor panda itu ditangguhkan penghantarannya ke Malaysia, selain itu portal tersebut juga telah mendedahkan kos bagi pembinaan tempat tinggal bagi Panda itu...

Ini laporannya...

Panda Transfer Falls Victim to Fallout Over Missing Plane

China is not shy about using “panda diplomacy” as a tool of soft power. It has a long tradition of bestowing nations with the bamboo-chomping mammals, most famously in the early 1970s, when Beijing sent two pandas to the National Zoo in Washington amid President Richard M. Nixon’s groundbreaking diplomatic opening to China.

But panda diplomacy, it appears, cuts both ways. With tensions high between Malaysia and China over the search and investigation into the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, two pandas that were bound for a zoo near Kuala Lumpur this month won’t be making the trip.

The South China Morning Post reports that the pandas, Feng Yi and Fu Wa, will remain in their Sichuan Province abode, at least for the near future. The Chinese Embassy in Kuala Lumpur said the decision to postpone the transfer was made out of respect for the families of the passengers on the missing plane, which carried more than 150 Chinese citizens.

The Malaysian authorities have come under intense criticism from the passengers’ relatives and from the Chinese government, which faults Kuala Lumpur for a lack of transparency and generally bungling its response to the disappearance of the plane. In recent days, though, officials involved in the search have expressed confidence that they are getting closer to finding the plane, making this a particularly sensitive time for the families.

China and Malaysia are close trading partners, and the gift of the two pandas was meant to mark the 40th anniversary of diplomatic ties between the two countries. They were to make their new home at Zoo Negara starting on April 16, bedding down at a fancy new four-acre panda complex — complete with a special exercise area — that cost Malaysia nearly $60 million to build. Malaysia’s natural resources and environment minister, Datuk Seri G. Palanivel, noted that those who constructed the new digs “prepared bamboo fields to ensure enough food supply for the next 10 years.”

It was not known when Feng Yi and Fu Wa might eventually make their journey south, or whether the delay portended their staying in Sichuan perhaps permanently ~ The New York Times

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