Istana tolak permohonan PKR untuk masuk mengadap?

Difahamkan surat memohon untuk masuk mengadap itu telah ditulis oleh Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim bagi mengadakan pertemuan antara isterinya Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, yang juga calon bagi menggantikan Khalid.

Sumber yang rapat dengan Istana telah mendedahkan surat itu, yang telah dihantar ke Istana itu semalam, telah ditolak pagi semalam juga.

"Permintaan yang ditulis oleh Anwar adalah untuk mengadakan pertemuan antara Wan Azizah dengan Duli Yang Teramat Mulia Sultan.

"Persoalannya mengapa Anwar yang menulis surat itu, bukannya Wan Azizah sendiri yang menulisnya... ia tidak kelihatan baik, terutama bagi seseorang yang telah disebut-sebut untuk menjadi pengganti Khalid," menurut sumber.

"Mereka (PKR) sepatutnya menjelaskan semuanya berkaitan isu MB itu kepada Sultan Selangor sebelum memecat Khalid, sebelum semuanya menjadi seperti sekarang," kata sumber yang lain pula..

Bacalah apa yang The Malay Mail loporkan ini...

Selangor palace rejects PKR’s request to meet over Khalid sacking

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 12 ― The Selangor palace has rejected PKR's last-minute bid to meet with the Sultan to explain its reasons for sacking Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, likely after finding the party's manner of requesting for audience inappropriate, sources said. 
Malay Mail Online understands that it was Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim who had written the letter to seek a meeting between the state ruler and his wife Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, who is PKR's candidate to replace Khalid. 
Sources familiar with the matter said the letter, which was sent to the palace yesterday, was rejected yesterday morning. “The request, written by Anwar was for Wan Azizah to have an audience with His Royal Highness. 
“Suffice it to say there were questions as to why Wan Azizah did not write the official letter herself... it did not look good, especially for someone who has been tipped to be Khalid's replacement,” a PKR source told Malay Mail Online when contacted. 
“They (PKR) should have cleared matters with the Selangor Sultan before sacking Khalid, before things came to this,” said another source close to the embattled MB. 
It is understood that Anwar will receive the rejection letter from the palace some time later today. 
PKR’s decision to expel the embattled MB was mainly for his open defiance of the party’s decision that he must step down to make way for PKR president Dr Wan Azizah. 
Khalid’s sacking leaves the coalition in a precarious state and will add to worries that snap polls may have to be called to ward off a stalemate. 
Earlier yesterday, Khalid met with the Selangor Sultan to discuss his position in the ongoing crisis. 
The second-term MB later told reporters that despite his expulsion, the state ruler said he should stay on as MB. 
During the meeting, Khalid said he explained his sacking and told the Sultan that he still commands the confidence of the majority of Selangor’s assemblymen. 
“High Royal Highness is satisfied with the explanation given and has given his blessings for me to continue as Selangor mentri besar,” he said at a news conference here. 
Khalid also said that talks about dissolving the state assembly and calling for fresh polls were “not even brought up.” 
“Until there are any new developments, I am still Selangor mentri besar and will carry my duties as MB,” he added. 
But DAP and PKR later disputed Khalid’s claim, and challenged the leader to prove he commands the majority support of the Selangor assembly by calling for a confidence motion in the House. 
Both DAP and PKR representatives have declared they will vote against Khalid. PAS has yet to decide its position on the matter and is scheduled to do so during its meeting on August 17. 
Should a confidence motion be tabled, full support from all PAS’s 15 and Umno’s 12 assemblymen for Khalid will see the House split down the middle, likely paving the way for fresh polls ~ The Malay MailOnline

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