Akhbar Australia dedah rasuah oleh Pegawai Tinggi Kerajaan Malaysia dan bekas Ahli Politik Malaysia di Australia..

Buat malu bangsa dan negara saja mereka ini, sudahlah baru-baru ini isu 1MDB dilaporkan oleh media-media US, kemudiannya Bloomberg pula melaporkan perkara negatif tentang ekonomi negara kita.. Ini pula media Australia pula dedahkan rasuah yang melibatkan Pegawai Kerajaan.

Akhbar Australia, The Age, mendakwa pegawai tinggi kerajaan Malaysia dan seorang bekas ahli politik didakwa membelanjakan RM65 juta dana awam untuk membeli sebuah blok apartmen di Melbourne, Australia, dengan membayar harganya RM13.7 juta lebih tinggi, yang kemudiannya didakwanya untuk membayar sogokan.

The Age, yang membuat dakwaan itu dalam laporan eksklusif hari ini, juga mendakwa penglibatan MARA, sebuah agensi pelaburan kerajaan, yang membeli hartanah itu pada 2013.

Laporan penyiasatan The Age itu mendakwa sekumpulan pegawai Malaysia, dengan menggunakan dana pelaburan kerajaan Malaysia, membida harga untuk blok apartmen di Melbourne, daripada A$17 juta (RM51.5 juta) kepada A$22.5 juta (RM65 juta).

Akhbar itu mendakwa, tambahan A$4.75 juta (RM13.7 juta) itu kemudiannya didakwa dibawa keluar dari Australia melalui pengubahan wang haram dan didakwa dibayar sebagai sogokan di Malaysia.

The Age mendakwa firma Malaysia yang menerima sogokan yang dikatakan itu, berkait rapat dengan seorang tokoh kanan di agensi pelaburan kerajaan Malaysia, MARA.

Seorang lagi yang didakwa akhbar itu terlibat, ialah seorang pegawai kanan Malaysia dan bekas ahli politik yang mempunyai hubungan rapat dengan seorang menteri kabinet Malaysia.

Corrupt overseas buyers ramp up property price, burn locals 
The first hard evidence has emerged of Australian property prices being inflated as real estate is used as a safe haven or money laundering hub by corrupt foreign nationals. 
The alleged criminal conduct is linked to multimillion-dollar property transactions which drove a group of small Australian tradesmen to the wall and which implicates top Malaysian officials and businessmen. 
Fairfax Media can reveal that a group of super-rich Malaysian officials, spending their own government's investment funds, have bid up the price of a Melbourne apartment block from $17.8 million to $22.5 million. The extra $4.75 million was then laundered out of Australia and allegedly paid as bribes in Malaysia. 
Despite the huge amounts involved, about 150 Australian creditors, including Melbourne tradesman John Bond and several other builders, have been left out of pocket or are facing bankruptcy after a company linked to the deal collapsed. 
"This deal has ripped off Australians and involve serious corruption but no one has been held to account," Mr Bond told Fairfax Media. 
About $80 million worth of Australian property, including office or apartment blocks in Swanston, Queen and Exhibition streets in Melbourne's CBD, are implicated in dealings by the same group of high-ranking Malaysians. 
While the Abbott government has been publicly warning about foreign owners breaching Australian laws and inflating property values in Sydney and Melbourne, Fairfax Media's investigation provides the first hard evidence of criminal conduct.

Leaked emails reveal how some of those behind one of the property deals sought to conceal their involvement from the Australian Foreign Investment Review Board by falsely understating the size of their investment. 
The revelation raises serious questions for the government about the relative ease with which overseas nationals are moving dirty money into Australia without detection, as well as the involvement of foreign officials. 
Fairfax Media uncovered the alleged criminal scheme by tracing the purchase of tens of millions of dollars of Australian properties via tax haven shelf companies in the British Virgin Islands and Singapore.

The Dudley House apartment block in the Melbourne suburb of Caulfield is at the centre of the transactions. It was bought in 2013 by a Malaysian government agency called MARA. Those allegedly involved include top Malaysian government officials and Chinese-Malay businessmen. 
According to property records and confidential emails, the Malaysian figures demanded a $4.75 million bribe in return for guaranteeing that the funds would flow from the Malaysian government to buy the building. 
An Australian property developer involved, Peter Mills, last year conceded before a civil court that the $4.75 million was "paid to grease palms to get the deal done".

Another developer, Chris Dimitriou, described the artificial inflation of the property price to $22.5 million as "overcharging". 
The bribe was paid via sham invoices issued to the Australian developers from Malaysian companies. The invoices demanded payment for non-existent services, including "professional advice" and "consultancy and advisory fees".

The Malaysian firms that received the alleged kickbacks are closely linked to a senior figure at the Malaysian government investment agency MARA. 
Another figure involved is a senior Malaysian official and former politician with close links to a Malaysian cabinet minister.. please continue yours reading HERE

MARA ini terletak di bawah Kementerian Kemajuan Luar Bandar Dan Wilayah kan?.. Hang jawabla Shafie Apdal..

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