Berang papan tanda UMNO diroboh, hampir 3,000 Pemuda UMNO menyerbu Komtar..

3,000 orang?..  tu cuma propaganda bagi macai macai yang baca tajuk tu seronok sikit ketika sedang letih berpuasa di tengahari ni..

Menurut laporan dari The Malaysian Insider, 30 orang yang menyerbu Komtar itu kerana berang bila papan tanda yang memaparkan tulisan 'keramat' kononnya dirobohkan MBPP baru-baru ini..

Tapi kalau kira dalam gambar di atas tu.. tak sampaipun 30 orang.. yang bagi ramai tu SB yang bertindak sebagai pengawal Pemuda UMNO, pemberita-pemberita dan orang ramai yang lalu lalang kehairanan..

A group Umno members and supporters stormed into the Penang government's administrative office in Komtar today in retaliation to the Penang Island City Council's (MBPP) decision to tear down a signboard at Menara Umno. 
The rowdy crowd of about 30 gathered outside a bank on the ground level of Komtar and waited for Penang Umno liaison secretary Datuk Musa Sheikh Fadzir to arrive. 
They then proceeded to level three where the entrance to the state government's office is located and caused a scene when security personnel pulled down the shutters. 
Angry, the group shouted and banged on the shutter and door demanding the officers to allow Musa to hand over a memorandum against the tearing down of the sign to the authorities. 
After the leaders were allowed entry, Penang Umno Youth chief Rafizal Abdul Rahim shouted: "Mana wakil? Bila nak roboh cepat!" (Where is the representative? When you want to demolish, you are fast.) 
An officer of Chow Kon Yeow, the state local government exco, Lai Hon Meng then approached the group and asked who they wanted to see. 
Musa told him they did not want to deal with him and would only talk to a rep from the city council's administration. 
"I respect you but I want to deal with the 'pentadbir' (administrator)," Musa was heard telling Lai. 
Shortly, MBPP security officer Mohd Feroze Md Noor approached Musa and accepted the memorandum. 
Feroze then told the press that mayor Datuk Patahiyah Ismail was at a council meeting and not in the building. 
At the lobby later, Musa said MBPP had not been fair to Penang Umno over the issue.
He also took offence to the “samseng” term allegedly used by a DAP councillor who spoke about the enforcement yesterday. 
"Under Section 72 of the Street, Drainage and Building Act, an immediate stop work can be ordered but not an immediate demolition. The council can demolish if the owner of the structure is unable to do it. 
"It is also stated that a 30-day notice is given but in this case, why was the sign removed immediately?" 
Musa said an appeal was made to the council at 2pm on June 19 but the enforcement unit was deployed two hours later. 
He added that Penang Umno was making another application through the building's owner JKP Sdn Bhd on the sign but was given the runaround. 
"Today, we want to make an application but was rejected...all sorts of bureaucracy. The system is troublesome.” ~ The Malaysian Insider

Kah.. kah.. kah.. dah EXCO yang turun nak jumpa nak jual mahal, nak jumpa administrator konon.. akhirnya Pak Guard saja yang terima memo itu..

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