Mahathir dakwa duit dideposit dalam akaun peribadi untuk dana pilihanraya PRU13

Bekas perdana menteri Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad mendakwa Umno diberitahu bahawa wang yang didepositkan ke dalam satu akaun bank peribadi digunakan dalam pilihan raya umum lalu.

"Tidak ada penafian wang itu telah didepositkan ke dalam akaun peribadi. Penjelasan kepada Umno bahawa ia untuk pilihan raya itu. Umno seolah-olah berpuas hati.

"Tidakkah mereka tahu bahawa duit kerajaan tidak boleh digunakan untuk membantu parti politik menang pilihan raya?" kata Dr Mahathir dalam tulisan dalam blognya hari ini.

"Tetapi duit itu daripada sumbangan. Siapa yang sumbang duit RM2 bilion itu? Tak ada jawapan," katanya lagi.

Walaupun negarawan itu tidak menyatakan akaun mana yang beliau maksudkan, ia dipercayai bahawa kenyataaan itu ditujukan kepada Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak.

Sebelum ini, terdapat spekulasi bahawa sejak calon pihak pemerintah masing-masing menerima satu bahagian untuk kempen mereka, Umno tidak mampu untuk memberontak terhadap Najib.

Ni apa yang Tun tulis...


1. There has been much talk by certain people of a conspiracy to overthrow Dato Sri Najib as Prime Minister.

2. Is there a conspiracy? Is there someone or some group conspiring i.e moving in secret in the underground to overthrow Najib. There could have been before but apart from people complaining privately about their dissatisfaction with Najib’s administration, no one was planning his overthrow. That is not to say that they did welcome the idea of his resigning or vacating his post. But active underground planning and action there was none.

3. What we do know now is that I had openly called for his stepping down. No conspiracy. Just open declaration to the whole nation that I would like to see Najib cease to be Prime Minister.

4 So if any investigation is to be made, there is no need for detectives or special agents. That there is a move or push for Dato Sri Najib to step down is known to everyone.

5. So again where is the conspiracy!! It is all in the open. There is no need to conspire. There is open campaigning for his ceasing to be Prime Minister.

6. Lately we are seeing many funny statements. The Utusan loudly proclaimed that the Prime Minister had taken action against the Wall Street Journal.

7. Actually it was not legal action or suing for defamation. Just politely asking the Wall Street Journal why do they publish the article.

8. Is there a need to ask that silly question? Isn’t it obvious that as a newspaper the information obtained by Wall Street Journal was sensational. Any newspaper, convinced of the authenticity of the information would have printed it. Of course the local mainstream papers will not for obvious reasons.

9. To ingratiate themselves with the Prime Minister they would rather mislead people. The sub-editors are good at writing misleading headlines. For example when a statement is made to let the task force of four do their work this is headlined as support for the Prime Minister.

10. Then there was a minister who, after saying that the interim report shows nothing wrong with 1MDB, then went on to advise people not to say anything about 1MDB until the report is out. But he himself had made a premature statement.

11. To all comments made against 1MDB, the standard answer is to deny, to say “No it is not true.” It is like somebody upon being asked whether he had stolen the money as alleged, simply denies that he had stolen, expecting the judge to acquit him simply because he denied.

12. There is no denial that money was deposited in the private account. The explanation to UMNO is that it was for the elections. UMNO seems satisfied. Don’t they know that Government money cannot be used to help a political party to win elections? But the money was from donation. Who donated 2 billion Ringgit? No answer.

13. But what about BR1M? Isn’t it Government money, all 7 billion Ringgit and more. That was clever. It is not for elections but given before any election, with the promise of more if the party wins, isn’t it about using Government money to win elections?

14. Truly cash is king!!

15. Then there is this insistence that since Najib was elected, no one has any right to demand he should step down.

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