Akaun Dah Ditutup, Jadi Ke Mana Najib Habiskan RM2.6 Billion Derma Itu?.. Soal Blogger UMNO

Aku setuju dengan apa yang Khairy kata ni, sebab apa yang dia kata memang betul.. betul di Malaysia tiada undang-undang melarang derma politik..

Katanya "Tindakan Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Razak menerima derma politik RM2.6 bilion bukan satu bentuk jenayah.

"Di Malaysia, tiada undang-undang yang halang parti politik terima sumbangan daripada penyokong mereka," katanya seperti dilaporkan Malaysiakini.

Jadi buat semua yang aktif dalam politik baik di peringkat akar umbi atau atasan.. faham-fahamlah kan?

Jawapan Kahiry itu mendedahkan sebab mengapa ada individu dalam parti yang bersungguh-sungguh mahu menjadi Pengarah Pilihanraya untuk Parti bila ada PRU ataupun PRK..

RM2.6 Billion itu memang satu jumlah yang amat besar.. jika benar ianya dana untuk pilihanraya mengapa disalurkan ke dalam akaun peribadi Najib?.. kenapa tidak disalurkan ke dalam akaun Badan Perhubungan UMNO?

Dan soalan yang paling menarik ialah.. kemana RM2.6 Billion itu dah dibelanjakan?.. soal Blogger UMNO..

And what happened to the money now? The accounts were closed. So where did the money go AFTER the accounts were closed?

They did not spend ALL the RM2.6 Billion on the elections. There was a huge sum left over. Where is the left over money? 
Who can answer? Who should answer? Najib should answer. They are his own personal accounts. 
Earlier Najib said (in Parliament I think) that 1MDB could not bring back money to Malaysia because Bank Negara had too much red tape. Something about any amount more than RM50 Million must get clearance etc. Thats why 1MDB (or its subsidiary) put the money in Singapore. 
Then later we found out that the money was NOT even there. They became 'units'. Some documents were also forged. Have you all forgotten that story? Documents were forged. Bottom line there WAS no money in that bank in Singapore. 
Ok back to this shocking news - so how did Najib move RM2.6 Billion into his personal account here in Kuala Lumpur?

Did he go through Bank Negara's red tape?

If he did then Zeti must have known about this. Can Zeti answer?

Did Najib fill in the forms at Bank Negara or not (becaue it was his personal account) - to explain the fact that RM2.6 Billion was being deposited into his accounts from donors etc?

I assume the deposits were coming from overseas because there is absolutely NO WAY any local Malaysian can give Najib that much money as a donation.

So if Najib filled up all the requisite Bank Negara red tape forms to move RM2.6 Billion into his account in KL, then why the hell did Najib say that those other billions were taken to Singapore because THEY WANTED TO AVOID all the Bank Negara red tape? 
(When you tell the first lie, then you must tell a thousand more lies to cover up the first one. This is what is happening folks.) 
On the other hand, if there was little or NO red tape to move the RM2.6 Billion into his personal account here in KL, then why the hell did Najib say that there was red tape to move those other billions that finally ended up as "units" in BSI Singapore ??

So here is the soalan cepu mas. Where is that money that WAS NOT even deposited in BSI Singapore? You say they are now "units"? The "units" were paid with our money. Paid to whom? Who did you pay the money to, to get those units?

Finally, coming back to these two accounts in KL : since the accounts were closed already, where did the money go?

Did you open another account? You must have opened another account because most certainly you cannot keep cash of RM1 Billion or a few hundred million Ringgit in your house. 
So after you closed those accounts - where did you move the remaining money that was left in the account?

And how much money was left over when the accounts were closed? Can you please answer. 
Mr PM, have you bought any expensive houses (in your name, in the names of legal proxies, using legal shelf companies etc) anywhere in the world since 2009?

Expensive means say more than RM25 Million. Say in London or Los Angeles etc. A simple yes or no answer will do.

If no, then let the matter rest.

If yes, then please give some details. How much, where, how you paid for them etc.
You are the Prime Minister and president of UMNO, the head party in the ruling BN coalition.

The people (that includes me) have a right to ask such questions and you are obliged to answer these questions, honestly and hopefully promptly as well.

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Akaun dah ditutup.. bila akaun dah ditutup tentulah semua RM2.6 Billion itu dah dikeluarkan.. takkan Najib nak dema pulak kat Bank tu kot...

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