Derma RM2.6 Billion dari Arab?.. BULLSHIT!! - Mahathir

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad hari ini menolak penjelasan bahawa dana RM2.6 bilion yang dimasukkan ke dalam akaun peribadi Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Razak adalah wang derma.

“Siapa dalam dunia ini akan dermakan AS$700 juta kepada perdana menteri Malaysia?

“Malah Obama juga tak dapat kumpulkan jumlah ini ketika mengintai jawatan presiden. 

"Dicadangkan ia daripada Arab. Arab memang pemurah, tetapi tak semurah itu,” katanya.

Mahathir berkata dakwaan itu disifatkan orang ramai sebagai "hogwash or bullshit" (mengarut atau tak masuk akal).

Katanya, perkara itu sudah menjadi bahan ketawa orang ramai.

Selain itu Tun juga meluahkan rasa meluat kerana Datuk Seri Najib Razak sanggup melumpuhkan siasatan ke atas 1MDB dan juga kes wang RM2.6 bilion dalam akaun perdana menteri itu. 

Tindak-tanduk perdana menteri itu menyebabkan demokrasi kini mati, kata Mahathir lagi dalam tulisan di blog

Tambahnya, pasukan polis sepatutnya menyiasat penggantinya, Datuk Seri Najib Razak dan bukannya mengganggu penyiasat Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia.

“Demokrasi sudah mati. Ia mati kerana pemimpin yang dipilih memilih untuk menjatuhkan maruah institusi kerajaan dan menjadikannya sebagai alat untuk mengekalkan kuasanya.

“Tiada lagi demokrasi yang boleh dirosakkan. Tentulah, bercakap mengenai 1MDB tidak akan menjejaskan perkara yang tidak lagi wujud.

“Jika ada pihak yang patut disiasat oleh polis, orangnya ialah Najib,” kata Mahathir dalam tulisannya di blog

Baca sebahagian dari apa yang Tun tulis yang aku copy dan paste kat bawah ni..

1. I used to enjoy being asked about Malaysia when I am abroad. But not now. 
2. The foreigners and Malaysians living abroad ask, “What is happening to Malaysia?” 
3. “It seems to be like one of those African or Arab countries.” 

4. “It is totally corrupt. The currency has depreciated”. Etc. Etc. 
5. I cannot answer truthfully. I cannot lie either. It is embarrassing. And all this is because of the 1MDB and Najib. 
6. I began to feel there was something wrong with the 1MDB when The Edge published that it had bought power plants above market price and borrowed money paying commissions of 10% and interest rate of 5.9%. 
7. I waited for the Government to deny that what was published by The Edge was correct. The Government did not. Then I know there was something very wrong. 
8. Subsequently came the stories about a JV with Petrosaudi. It was too quick. Obviously no due diligence was done. Yet 1MDB paid 1 billion U.S. (3.8billion Ringgit) for its 40% share. 
9. Then 1MDB paid another US 700 million to settle debts incurred by Petro-Saudi to Petro Saudi International. Why should 1MDB pay. The JV should pay. 
10. But within 6 months of setting up the JV, it was dissolved. Had a good due diligence been done, this JV would not have been set up. Clearly it was not a viable proposition! 
11. The 1.7 billion US should now be returned to 1MDB. But No! It was converted into a loan (Murabahah) to Petrosaudi. This is extremely unusual. If you could not work with Petrosaudi as a JV partner how could you give it such a huge loan. 
12. Then the money seems to have disappeared. It was previously reported to be deposited in banks in Hong Kong and Seychelles, invested in something or other and was supposed to end up in the Cayman Islands. 
13. Concerned Malaysians demanded that the money be returned to Malaysia. An announcement was made that a portion had been returned to Malaysia but was used to pay debts and other expenses. Malaysia wanted more information especially as a 2 billion Ringgit interest on loans could not be paid. 1MDB just had no money. So where is the money from the Caymans. Why should Ananda Krishnan offer 2 billion Ringgit to help pay the interest. Government had to provide a stand-by loan of RM900 million. 
14. Things did not look right. Then 1MDB announced that the rest of the money from Cayman Islands had been received in cash. Arul, the CEO, claimed he saw the money. The PM said the money was deposited in a Singapore Bank. It was not brought back to Malaysia because Bank Negara would ask too many questions. 
15. That seems to be an admission that something was not right with the money. 
16. But Singapore is a financial centre. As such it must be even more careful that money brought in and deposited in its banks should be investigated, especially if the sum is large, running into billions.

17. And sure enough the Monetary Authority of Singapore stated publicly that no 1MDB Malaysian money came into the country. The Swiss Bank which was named as the bank where the money was deposited denied 1MDB had deposited money with it. 
18. So where were the billions of Ringgits or Dollars that 1MDB claimed it had brought back from the Caymans. Arul Kandasamy had openly claimed he saw the money. 
19. Now the PM declared that it was not money. It was units. The bank where it was deposited was not named. 
20. What units were these. Not units in Unit Trust Funds certainly. No explanation is forth coming. The billions of dollars have again disappeared. 
21. Then the Wall Street Journal reported that Dato Sri Najib has USD700 million in his account in the Arab Malaysian Bank in Kuala Lumpur. That is about 2.6 billion Ringgit. How did this huge sum of money get into Najib’s Private Account. Where did the money come from!! How can the PM of Malaysia whose pay is only RM20,000 per month have so much money in his private account? 
22. Unable to deny the Wall Street Journal report which included the account number and other details, Najib claimed that it was a donation. 
23. Who in the world would donate USD700 million to the Malaysian Prime Minister? Even Obama could not raise this amount for his Presidential bid. It was suggested it was an Arab. 
24. Arabs are generous, but not that generous. I could not raise even a single dollar from them for the Malaysian International Islamic University or for the Oxford Islamic Centre. This claim that Arabs donated billions is what people describe as hogwash or bullshit. Certainly I don’t believe it and neither can the majority of Malaysians if we go by the comments on the social media. The world had a good laugh. 
25. When asked, the PM said wait for the report on 1MDB by the Auditor–General and the Public Accounts Committee.

26. To the UMNO divisional leaders and assorted bedfellows the PM in close-door meetings, claimed the billions were for the elections. 
27. The 2 billion Ringgit plus for elections is absurd. I needed less than 10 million for each of the five elections I presided over and I won them all with more than 2/3 majority. Why do you need 2.6 billion plus or 2600 million Ringgit. Is it to bribe politicians and civil servants, or to rig the elections. That would not be right , much less legal. 
28. Whatever, to me 2 billion plus for elections in Malaysia by any party is wrong even if no limit is put on election expenses. 
29. Then there is this lavish life-style which no Malaysian Prime Minister would be able to afford on the RM20,000 per month he receives. Engagement and weddings lavishness far surpassed those of the Rulers even. Several ceremonies were held in Malaysia and also in Kazakhstan. Guests were loaded with gifts from the host. Clearly millions, tens of millions were spent, far beyond what a Malaysian PM can afford. 

30. Then there is the son’s investment of hundreds of millions in producing the film The Wolf of Wall Street. It is so pornographic that it cannot be shown in Malaysia. Where did the money come from! 
31. The shopping in London, Paris and elsewhere is known to be enormous. 
32. Clearly the PM and his wife have more money than the salaries and allowances paid to the PM account. Najib’s claim that it was a donation was not convincing. 
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