Ohh.. patutlah anak dia kahwin dengan orang Indonesia...

Banyak masalah yang melibatkan hubungan antara Malaysia dan Indonesia boleh diselesaikan dalam semangat kekeluargaan dan bukannya melalui saluran diplomatik, kata Timbalan Perdana Menteri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

Beliau berkata demikian berikutan banyak persamaan antara kedua-dua negara yang membuat masalah di antara mereka unik.

"Kami telah menyelesaikan masalah dengan Indonesia melalui pendekatan tidak rasmi dan peribadi dan bukan sahaja melalui saluran rasmi, " katanya.

Beliau berkata demikian pada sidang media selepas menghadiri majlis ramah mesra bersama rakyat Malaysia di Jakarta.

JAKARTA: Many problems involving relations between Malaysia and Indonesia can be resolved in the family spirit rather than through diplomatic channels, said Deputy Prime Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi. 
He said this followed the many similarities between the two countries which made the problems between them unique.”We have been resolving problems with Indonesia through informal and personal approaches and not only via formal channels,” he said. 
He was speaking at a media conference after attending a gathering with Malaysian citizens in Jakarta. 
Earlier, when speaking to the Malaysian community at the Malaysian Embassy here, he said, ”Informal relations can help resolve many problems which sometimes cannot be settled formally. When the border issue cropped up such as in Ambalat previously, continuity (informal relations) had eased the tension,” he said at a gathering. 
As such, he urged government officers at the Malaysian Embassy here and government agencies to get closer to Indonesian government officials as this personal relationship was better when trying to resolve problems. 
Zahid said informal ties must also be established by students, businessmen and representatives of the Malaysian corporate sector in the republic. 
Meanwhile, Zahid called on Malaysian nationals abroad to obtain actual facts concerning the current situation in Malaysia and that they must only make their decisions based on these facts. 
“For Malaysians abroad, please don’t rely on information obtained from anti-establishment groups, get your facts from the mainstream for balanced information. 
“Now, about 87 per cent of the information is channelled by the social media…in fact the mainstream media has already used social media. So, we must look at all angles in making our decision,” he said. 
Zahid also reminded groups that frequently criticised the government to be prepared to accept criticism in return. “If we can criticise, we must also be prepared to accept criticism. Only then is there freedom of opinion. In this matter, they must be open. 
“If they can demonstrate four times, don’t get angry if others do it once. Don’t say four times is not racist, once is racist,” he said referring to the Bersih rally on August 29 and 30 and the ‘Himpunan Rakyat Bersatu’ on September 16, which were both held in the federal capital. 
The deputy prime minister also reminded those that frequently criticised the government to look at the developments cropping up in other countries especially in neighbouring countries ~ Free Malaysia Today

Ohh.. patutlah anak dia kahwin dengan orang Indonesia...

Terasa macam sedang tengok cerita-cerita zaman dulu pulak.. banyak cerita yang menunjukkan Raja-raja zaman dulu tu kalau nak berbaik dengan negara musuh dia kahwinkan anaknya dengan kaum kerabat Raja yang dimusuhi tu..

Tapi tak sangka pulak aku ada pemimpin yang hidup dizaman IT ni boleh keluarkan kenyataan macam ni..

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