2 Kanak-kanak Orang Asli yang hilang ditemui selamat

Dua daripada 7 kanak-kanak Orang Asli yang hilang sejak Ogos di dalam hutan di Kelantan ditemui selamat berhampiran Sungai Perias di Gua Musang, hari ini.

The Star melaporkan mereka adalah Norieen Yakob, 10 dan Mirsudial Aluj, 11, yang merupakan kanak-kanak paling tua di antara mereka yang hilang dari SK Tohoi pada 23 Ogos.

Mereka didapati dalam keadaan kekurangan zat makanan dan dihantar ke hospital besar Gua Musang, kata laporan itu.

Berikut adalah laporan dari The Star

GUA MUSANG: In a miraculous twist, search parties scouring the long and windy Sungai Perias have found two missing orang asli children alive near here on Friday. 
However, search parties also found the body of another deceased child. 
Authorities have yet to confirm the find, but the command center here at SK Tohoi is a buzz of activity as search parties zero in a one square km area situated in the Balah forest reserve. 
It was learnt that the survivors have been identified as Norieen Yakob, 10 and Mirsudial Aluj, 11. 
Reporters on site at SK Tohoi reported that both survivors were malnourished and very weak. 
Medical staff stationed at the school rendered immediate health assistance to the two before they were transported to the Gua Musang general hospital at 2pm Friday. 
On Aug 23, seven orang asli children aged seven to 11, went missing from their school. 
They were believed to have lost their way in the Tohoi forest reserve after running away to evade punishment for going for a swim without permission. 
On Wednesday, the body of a child was found in Sungai Perias, which was later confirmed to be that of eight-year-old Sasa Sobrie. 
On Thursday, the skeletal remains of another child was found although the identity has yet to be determined ~ The Star

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