'Polis Jahat' Songlap Lebih Dari RM1.5Juta Dari Bukit Aman

Lebih daripada RM1.5 juta dana untuk kerja-kerja pembaikan dan baik pulih bangunan Ibu Pejabat Polis di Bukit Aman, telah hilang melalui pengeluaran penipuan.

Sumber-sumber memberitahu The Sun bahawa wang tersebut telah disalur keluar melalui beberapa dozen transaksi menggunakan dokumen-dokumen yang dipalsukan beserta tandatangan palsu dua Pengarah Polis dan seorang Jurutera Awam di Jabatan Kerja Raya (JKR).

Wang itu bertujuan untuk pelbagai pembaikan dan penggantian pintu kebakaran dan sistem penyaman udara di menara ke dua blok pejabat lama polis persekutuan.

Seterusnya bacalah kat bawah ni..

KUALA LUMPUR: More than RM1.5 million meant for repair and refurbishment works at the federal police headquarters building at Bukit Aman, has gone missing through fraudulent disbursements. 
Sources told theSun that the money was siphoned out in several dozen transactions through the use of doctored papers carrying forged signatures of two police directors and a civil engineer of the Public Works Department (PWD). 
The money was meant for various repairs and replacement of fire doors and air conditioning systems at Tower 2 – the old office block of the federal police. 
It is learnt that discrepancies were uncovered several months ago during an internal audit carried out by the Home Ministry at the police logistics department which, under a re-branding exercise for greater efficiency and service delivery, was renamed the Strategic Sources and Technology Department (Start) in December last year. 
The ministry's auditors discovered that refurbishment projects – including two major contracts costing about RM500,000 to replace fire-resistant doors and upgrading the building's air conditioning systems – stated in documents they examined at Bukit Aman, were never fulfilled although payments were recorded as disbursed to individuals who allegedly posed as contractors undertaking the job. 
The findings were raised with police top brass who immediately ordered an internal investigation. 
The task of probing the discrepancies found at the police logistics department has been assigned to the federal police Integrity and Standard Compliance Department (JIPS), a new department formed last year to counter corruption and crooked practices within the force. 
Sources said a special task force from JIPS learnt that apart from the forged signatures of the police directors and PWD engineer, duplicated rubber stamps of the officials were also used to "authenticate" fake documents and hoodwink the Treasury into releasing payments. 
The team found that more than RM1 million of taxpayer's money for about three dozen non-existent tenders supposedly for the repair of Tower 2 and supply of miscellaneous goods last year, went out in staggered payments to unknown individuals. 
Months after perusing documents and interviewing several dozen police personnel, the probe team lodged a police report on Friday. 
Federal police Commercial Crimes Investigations Department (CCID) deputy director DCP Datuk Hamza Taib, who confirmed a report was lodged by members of the special task force, said an investigation is underway. 
He said based on early findings, it is believed that police personnel were in cahoots with third parties to pull off the fraud. 
"It has been just days since our investigations began. We are doing our ground work which requires a detailed study of the relevant documents," he told theSun. 
"When we are done with that, we will start picking up those involved and leave no stone unturned. We cannot disclose details of the case now as investigations are ongoing," said Hamza - The Sun Daily

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