Bauksit: Alasan Macam Ni Pun Ada?

Apa punya alasan ni?.. Yang tersurat ini adalah satu alasan bodoh yang diguna untuk menutup kegagalan, yang tersirat.. ini adalah satu alasan untuk memperbodohkan rakyat..

Dalam temu bual yang disiarkan oleh akhbar New Straits Times semalam, MB Pahang berkata pegawai penguatkuasa negeri tidak berjaya menahan seorangpun pelombong haram kerana mereka melarikan diri semasa serbuan atau mereka menjalankan aktiviti mereka di tengah-tengah malam. 

Adnan juga berkata negeri itu mempunyai sumber yang terhad untuk menghentikan perlombongan haram bauksit yang telah menyebabkan pencemaran dan mendatangkan masaalah kesihatan.

Katanya lagi Pahang hanya mempunyai 18 pegawai penguat kuasa di bawah Pejabat Tanah dan Galian (PTG) untuk menyelia seluruh negeri dan hanya dapat melaksanakan pemeriksaan 24 jam selama dua bulan.

Patutlah yang kena tangkap tu ikan bilis - ikan bilis saja.. Ikan yu, Ikan paus seekor pun tak dapat ditangkap..

Ikan bilis berenang perlahan, tak pandai lari..berenangpun perlahan.. tapi Ikan jerung berenang laju, kalau ditangkap meronta-ronta pulak tu.. kalau pergi menangkapnya dengan bot yang kecil mungkin karam bot tu..

Apapun.. memang bodoh alasan yang diberikan oleh MB Pahang itu.. kalau Pegawai Penguatkuasa gagal menahannya kenapa tidak diminta bantuan pihak Polis?

Laporan berkaitan..

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 18 — Pahang Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Adnan Yaakob has sought to explain his state’s perceived inaction over the bauxite mining crisis there, insisting that his administration was doing all it can against the environmental menace. 
In an interview published by the New Straits Times today, Adnan said state enforcement officers have not arrested a single illegal miner because they ran away during raids or conducted their activities in the middle of the night. 
Adnan also said the state has inadequate resources to halt the lucrative illegal bauxite mining that has since snowballed into a major pollution and health problem, pointing out that Pahang only has 18 enforcement officers under the Land and Mines Office (PTG) to oversee the entire state and was only able to implement round-the-clock checks for two months. 
“The state lacks manpower, with federal assistance, enforcement is effective. It is not that we procrastinated or delayed (enforcement) but it was just beyond our capacity. 
“When we fully enforced with our limited resources for two months, the result was positive at first… then slowly we saw the repercussions. We even lost one of our PTG officers who died in an accident after his shift ended at 2am,” he said in the interview . 
Asked about the Pahang state government’s relative inaction on the bauxite mining problems, Adnan said he did not want to “play the blame game” but noted that all enforcement agencies except for the PTG fell under the federal government’s jurisdiction. 
He said that he had initially not sought the federal government’s help as he wanted the state government to solve the issue on its own capacity, but the problem was “just so big” and could not be controlled as industry players ignored the state’s advice and law enforcement. 
“The delay (in enforcement) was not really intended but it was just beyond us… luckily the Federal Government decided to assist us in the form of the moratorium. Hopefully, we can together come up with a new set of rules and regulations to regularise bauxite mining,” said Adnan, referring to a minimum three-month ban against bauxite mining in Pahang. 
Adnan said that current law means that enforcement action can be taken under the National Land Code for illegal bauxite mines on private land, while Pahang can only raid illegal mines that are on state land. 
“If it is on state land, we can just raid the area but in most instances, when we go on raid the operators run away. In a way, it sounds odd that you can’t take action against the illegal miners because they run away, but that is really the case,” he said, adding that Pahang may probably seek to arrest the culprits together with the aid of police and other agencies. 
Pressed on the impossibility for the state authorities to have missed the existence of over 200 illegal bauxite mines there, Adnan cited the example of Bukit Goh where miners went ahead with their activities despite being told to first obtain the approval of Felda and the state. 
Using this example, he acknowledged that the state had “failed somewhere along the chain” and that some parties must have been “compromised” as the problem would otherwise have come under control. 
- See more at The Malay Mail

Nak kata apa lagi?.. Orang kata pemimpin yang bodoh dipilih oleh tangan-tangan yang bodoh.. kalau kita kata MB Pahang tu bodoh.. pengundi yang memilihnya tentu lebih bodoh kannnn?

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